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Our goal is to provide customers with project tailored solutions wherever LED lighting would provide savings and more sustainable use of scarce resources. With quality, safety and our reputation key drivers within our business, LEDTEC exclusively employs products that are tested and certified to meet Australian and International Electrical Safety Standards. The proposed products are in extensive use throughout Europe and the USA.

LEDTEC founder was a key member part of the management team that successfully launched first LED Lighting Tower on Australian market. LED Lighting Towers have essentially driven the traditional metal halide (MH) lighting tower into obsolescence, with running costs up to 70-90% cheaper for the same output.

The LEDTEC founder has long term affiliations with a World Leading Manufacturer of LED products and has worked with this company for over five years developing the LED technology for the unique requirements for Commercial, Industrial and Street Lighting including glare minimisation.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of sustainable indoor/ outdoor lighting products and solutions to our clientele. LED high bay lights are ideally suited for use in factories, cold stores and warehouses, including hazardous areas.

Our customer base consists of architects, landscape designers, lighting specialists, engineers and mining professionals Australia wide. Our clients are involved in providing lighting solutions that illuminate and beautify safe cities, buildings and public parks.

The LEDTEC are by far the most energy efficient lighting solution provider in Perth. Our high bay lights are part of the industrial & commercial range that are designed specifically to replace conventional metal halide or induction lighting.

LEDTEC product range offers customers a wide choice of standard as well as custom manufactured luminaires for their specific lighting needs.

We strive to research and develop quality, energy-efficient lighting products to benefit the consumer.  With exceptionally long lifespan our LED lighting can we ensure that you vastly reduce your maintenance burden. Industrial lighting is costly to operate and a major drain on maintenance resources for most organisations. LEDTEC aim to play a part of an ever progressing socially conscious and environmentally-aware world community by providing the lighting solutions that illuminate the future.

LED High-bay solution for any Retail or Industry application.

The #1 Selling LED Industrial Light Provider in Perth.

Our Mission

The LEDTEC mission is to convert all Australian metal halide, mercury vapor, sodium and halogen lights to LED and provide a cost-effective, safer and more energy-efficient lighting solution for existing and new projects across the broad range of industries.

Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form that is light. Design quote: David Lewis

LEDTEC is not just a "supplier" or a "installer" but offers expertise from the design, procurement, installation to disposal stage.

Commercial Workshops From warehouses and distribution centres ...
Industrial Mine sites From lighting towers, machinery to ports and processing plants...
Design Light LEDTEC offers an in-house design service...
Installation Location LEDTEC deliver and install LED light fixtures...