Our Products

LEDTec product range are designed, manufactured and tested using ISO 9001 certified facility with complete supportive documents obtaining QA test reports and photometric certificate. LEDTEC suppliers operate under the highest possible standard to ensure quality of the components is not compromised in any stage of the production. All products are RoHS certified and free of toxic material. RoH's certification is available for all products.

LEDTec specialises in light fittings suitable for a wide variety of applications which extensive product range covers mining, industrial, processing plants, machinery, commercial, street and public areas.

All luminaires also comply with emission standard EMS.  LEDTEC street lighting range offers a wireless capability to be able to operate and maintain lights with wireless management system. The LED fixtures supply by LEDTEC includes NATA lab testing for each possible configuration offered. The report contained full photometric, thermal, ingress protection and electromagnetic compatibility tests. In regards of the experience and application of the project we can provide a details of luminaires successfully installed and managed in Germany and throughout Europe, South America, North Africa and the Caribbean.